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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Therapeutic Smell of Tar

I would hate to regurgitate an old belief but I just assumed that it was common knowledge that the smell of tar was therapeutic and had some mild medicinal benefit. In other words breathing deeply when passing a roadworks where the smell of tar was strong was “good for the lungs”!

Now I find out that not everybody is convinced of this, and horror of horrors, I am not sure myself that it is true. I simply always believed it.

However with the benefit of the ubiquitous internet searching for “therapeutic smell of tar” reveals that tar is used in all sorts of things from shampoo to sweets and candies, that there are different types of tar anyway; and unlike me, most of the entiries I read were concerning people who thought the smell obnoxious at best, while admitting that the fumes were harmless.

And today we have asphalt. Perhaps that just stinks!

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