English Today Archive of Funny Mail Attachments - Enjoy!

Just for a laugh here is a collection of english pronunciation quirks, miss-spellings and general silliness!

Many thanks to all those who have contributed! Especially the Parkstone
Girls Spelling Bee - super!

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Girl School! jpg/141k
Now girls, don't you think of anything else?

Funny Mail jpg/138k
What are they doing soon?

Golfing Blues! jpg/944k
Well, golf can be frustrating sometimes!

A little hiccup! jpg/1,590k
The sign writer should have finished his job BEFORE going in for a beer!

Ouch! jpg/1,219k
(Un)subtle play on words here!

Spelling Lesson... jpg/141k
Perhaps a wee dram of w????? would help the spelling!

Use for the Dictionary WMV/-/1,064k
Nothing to learn as such - except an extra use for the English Dictionary...