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Monday, August 17, 2009

There’s a Terrific Draft or Draught in here!

When going for beer the other night I was confronted by two different offers as shown in the photos. Suddenly the questions came thick and fast:
Did I want a “draught beer” or a “draft beer”?
When you leave the door ajar do you let in a “draft” or a “draught”?
Before you finish writing a document is it a “draught document” or a “draft document”?
And is it a “rough draft” or a “ruff draught”?
Are detailed technical drawings done by a “draughtsman” or a “draftsman”?
Do I play a game of “drafts” or “draughts”?
Am I "drafted" or "draughted" to the army?
How deep in the water is a ship's "draught" or a ship's "draft"?

I think I will settle this over a bottle of stout!

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